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Choose Your Own Holiday Box Set

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Make the Holidays Awesome with Guttersnipe Press! Choose any 4 or 6 of our hilarious handmade letterpress christmas and holiday card designs in a discount box set! 

It’s an action-packed, heartwarming, holiday blockbuster fun greeting card form!

Choose from our fine selection of lovingly hand-printed holiday letterpress greeting card designs, pick any 4 or 6 designs of your choosing, and a pack of cards to rule all cards will be on its merry way to your door! It’s more fun than a bunch of drunken elves on Boxing Day!

Get Any 4 for $18

Choose Any 6 for $24

Choose from any of the hilarious designs in our holiday line:

4001 Happy Fucking Whatever

4002 Happy Whatever Clean

4003 Frisky Reindeer Sweater

4004 A Fucking Reindeer on it.

4005 Happy New Beers

4006 Holiday Shitters Full

4008 Shakespeare Holiday Hooch

4010 Christmas Story Leg Lamp

4011 Santa Gives You Presents

4013 Going Straight to Hell

4014 Winter is Coming

4015 Big Beards and I Cannot Lie

4016 Bunch of Jolly Assholes

4017 Reindeer Dragging Flakes

4018 I Want To Believe X-Files

4019 Stranger Xmas

4020 Cottonheaded Ninnymuggins Elf

4022 Die Hard Seasons Greetings

4023 Happy Fucking Whatever Red

4024 A Fistful of Presents

4025 Ya Dingus

4026 Fleece Navidad

4027 Rebel Without A Claus

4028 Hail Santa

4029 Baller Hanukkah

4030 Holiday is Baller

4031 Punk Santa

4032 Happy Wholidays

All cards letterpress printed by hand on fine cardstock, packaged with recycled paper envelopes. Please specify design choices using the “Add a Note” section at checkout, or Contact Us at info(at)

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